A very warm welcome to the "Beagles of Houndmusic Meadows"!

The home of our small pack is in Lower Austria, approx. 40km south of Vienna.
On this page I would like to introduce you to our breeding program (FCI/ÖKV).
And I want to tell you about our life with beagles.

Have fun reading and browsing!

I would love to get your feedback via comments in the BLOG (german) or through your entries in our Guestbook.

Have I raised your interest in our beagles? Yes, then please get in touch with us. We look forward to answer your questions.
We might even have puppies available?

Our current litter planning schedule as well as further information can be found in the menu under PUPPIES (Welpen, german).

Our beagles are first and foremost our family dogs. I would therefore suggest that you please make contact early as we will only have four legged offspring from time to time.

Don't dream your life, live your dreams

Currently only the following pages are available in english: